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Create another revenue stream with Multifamily sign packages

Whether it be brand new multi-family construction, or the rebranding of existing properties, the need for signage in this arena seems to have no bounds, especially in today's economy. Seeing that these properties require a multitude of different sign types, and potentially many of each, makes the reward worthy of the pursuit. Sign companies all over the United States are cashing in on the amazing potential of this particular market by counting on Viscom as their source for these custom sign types. Many of our partners that dove right in and have taken the time and effort to learn the process of fulfilling their client's needs for multifamily sign packages are reaping big profits today. Of those, a large percentage have reported never having thought about attacking this market in the past due to initial jitters or concerns, but are very happy they did now.

Its all about balancing time and sales...


Attacking a multifamily sign package does require a bit of extra time and effort compared to an individual sign sale, however, looking at it another way... instead of the amount of time it takes to deal with 30 different customers to sell 30 individual signs, you will be dealing with one customer to sell potentially hundreds of different signs in the course of one sale.


Viscom has manufactured many wholesale multifamily sign packages for our partners, either for new construction or the rebranding of an existing property, many that have required hundreds of signs for each individual property. Our partners that have invested their time and effort to create custom and functional designs for these types of projects always garner a great return on their investment. After one or two initial successes, many of our partners have even created a dedicated sales and design team just to pursue these highly profitable opportunities.

So many sign types...


Multifamily sign packages can consist of a gamut of different sign types including entry monuments, building unit numbers, individual residential unit numbers, directional, traffic control and parking assignment signage, pool, spa and playground rules signage, and many more. This is a GOOD thing! Typically all these different sign types will carry out the same design theme, color scheme and branding of the individual property.


Initially, this may seem a bit daunting, however, once you design the overall look and "feel" of the signage that is agreed upon by your client, the rest of the design phase is not as scary as it may seem. For instance, a building unit number sign (which is typically required by most local fire departments) will be designed once and then used on each and every building with only the number changing on each one. Same holds true for unit numbers, one design... many signs. A custom designed "No Parking" sign will be designed once, but the property may need 20 of them. So as you can see, the design phase may prove a bit of a challenge, but once completed, the multiples of signs required can easily justify the initial investment in time and effort.

Design around the environment...


As you know, there are virtually unlimited combinations of designs, styles, materials and methods for creating your client's signage. This is something to take into consideration when approaching your client with your sign package design. Over the years, we have seen that the trend toward "keeping it simple" seems to win over the more "complex" designs. Taking a good look at the property's overall design, materials used and color scheme can help you get to a design that will not only look good, but will also be functional. Incorporate a subtle design element from the building's architecture, or choose existing colors to create a purpose driven design to your signage. Not every sign in the package "has" to have a logo on it, etc. This sign package should be "custom" designed around its environment and the KISS method seems to prevail. Also, don't combine too many methods, for example, don't combine sandblasted unit numbers with routed traffic control signs. Sure, you can, but we don't recommend it. Keep the look consistent throughout.

Also, take the extra time to make a great presentation of your sign package. Heck, the difference between a "decent" presentation and a GREAT one is a little bit of extra time, effort and paper. We see this all the time. I have seen where a "not so great design" (IMHO) won a job over a superior design (again IMHO) solely because the presentation looked so much better and, more importantly to the client, it looked "professional". Another shocker, the "not so great" design was more expensive and still won... How bout' them apples!

Taking the plunge...


At the amazing rate at which these types of properties are cropping up all over the country, you may find that it may make good financial sense for your sign company to pursue multifamily sign projects, but it may also seem a bit intimidating. Don't worry though, you're not alone. At Viscom, we have completed and shipped hundreds of multifamily sign packages for many of our partners nationwide. Over the past 4 years, Viscom has developed and perfected the most efficient and cost effective production methods, dedicated solely to the production and timely delivery of quality wholesale multifamily sign packages. This dedication allows our partners to spend their valuable time selling more sign projects, without having to concern themselves over the actual manufacturing and delivery process.


Our dedicated staff, state of the art manufacturing facility and years of experience in wholesale signage is always available to help you satisfy your clients custom sign package needs. Don't hesitate to contact us! We welcome the opportunity to work with you and help our partners land these profitable projects time and time again.

2 thoughts on "Multifamily sign packages"

Sandy says:

Another great write up. I wish you wrote a bit more about the sign business. I did see two of your articles in the sign magazine. I have done one small apartment complex sign package in my town and that gave me a bit of "experience", enough that I am ready to do another one. I agree that getting the actual design down is the key, then all the sign designs follow that. That's what made it easier in my opinion. And yes, presentation really does matter....

Viscom says:

Keep pushing for the multifamily gigs. They are a bit of work, but you will find like anything else worth pursuing, it gets easier (and more profitable) as you learn.

Stuart says:

Apartments and condos are now my favorite customers. They are building one after another here in Dallas and you guys have already done 2 of them for me (nice work BTW). I cannot agree more about presentation. I believe that because I spend more time on preparing my designs, I am almost a shoe in compared to what I have seen others present. It's almost funny to see sometimes... Thanks again for your work!

Viscom says:

Hi Stuart, your presentations are definitely some of the better ones we've seen. The extra time spent to make your customer feel that you a qualified is well worth it. First impressions, as they say. Your projects are well designed and we enjoy working with you. Keep up the great work!

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