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Give your sign drawings a new pair of shoes

Its amazing what a new pair of awesome shoes can do for your overall look. When they look great, it seems everyone notices and whatever else you happen to have on seems to look a little better too.  To quote Coco Chanel, "A woman with good shoes is never ugly." This same concept applies to the drawings you present to your client to sell a sign. How, you ask???


When it comes to increasing sign sales, one of the easiest, and least expensive things you can do is make your initial sign drawings look as professional as possible and put your best foot forward (pun intended).


As a wholesale manufacturer, we have seen all types of production drawings from our clients, many of them being the same drawings that were used to present the initial sign concept to their customer. Statistically, our customers with the better looking drawings seem to close more sign sales. This is just a simple fact. After doing a bit of personal research into the more successful ones, I noticed one thing they ALL had in common. Its the shoes!!!


When it comes to conveying a sense of professionalism to your potential client, the better your initial drawings look, the more comfortable your client will be right off the cuff. The easiest thing you can add to ANY of your drawings is a great looking pair of shoes, or what is better known as a title block. A title block just adds that extra "kick" to your presentation (OK, I'll stop).


Obviously, creating killer drawings may take a bit of an investment in time and effort, but since you are here reading this, team Viscom is going to save you some time right off the bat. This one little thing (its the shoes) can make a huge difference in your sales effort, and best of all, we already did most of the work for you. More on this later...

So what is a title block? This is the section of your drawing that has pertinent information about the drawing you are presenting. It not only looks professional, it gives you and your client relevant information that you both need. The reason for the shoe reference is that most of the drawings that come across our desk have a title block on the bottom of the drawing, however some are on the side and some are spread across the bottom and side. Just like something as subtle as a new pair of awesome shoes can improve your overall look, a title block makes the overall look of your presentation drawing that much better. No matter how you implement the title block, just by adding one to your drawings can make a huge difference in your client's initial perception of your ability to accomplish his goal. So, as Nike says, "just do it" (Jeez, not another shoe reference, sorry).


Below is a typical title block, and what should be included therein. Before you ask, the items that are included in this simple example are exactly that, an example. You can add or delete anything to make it just the way you like, nothing here is etched in stone.

This particular example is pretty generic, but very functional. It contains most of the pertinent information that you and your client need to keep track of the drawing. Any and all of the items listed can be changed to your liking to make it your own. For example, if your project has more than one page, you could change the drawing number field to page number and use "page 2 of 13", etc. You can add a field to keep track of revisions. If you want, you could do some research on the legal disclaimer and change it to what works for you and your location. Add some cool graduated backgrounds, or some new fonts, its all up to your personal taste.


One really cool aspect of this title block is something that is commonly known as a "call to action". If you did a pretty decent job of putting together a good representation of what your client is after from the get-go (maybe you didn't, but don't worry), your client is somewhat inclined to put a check mark in the "approved" box, or he'll check "changes required". How cool is that! You have engaged your client to look over your work and make a decision about YOUR WORK. So a check mark in the "approved" box is great, but a check mark in the "changes required" box gives you a second (or third, or fourth) chance to again engage your client to make the changes he wants to the sign he will now probably order from you. Now your kind of a "shoe in" for the job. (Alright, that's the last one, I promise). The little title block did its job, in more ways than one, and now you have a "leg up" (I lied) on sealing the deal.


If you are an awesome subscriber to VisComNews, you can download 4 versions of the above title block for your own use absolutely FREE. Included is a horizontal and vertical format version for both letter and tabloid size paper. Just download the file and simply swap out the "your information" block with your logo and contact info, copy and paste it to your drawing, fill out the other fields, and you're off and running (you can't stop me). Don't forget to swap out your company name in the legal disclaimer. Make any changes you want to personalize it or leave it as is, but either way, we suggest you always use a title block, from our experience, it does make a difference.

Click on the "Partner Portal" at the very top right of this web page for your FREE title block download.

7 thoughts on "Give your sign drawings a new pair of shoes"

Tony says:

I have to give you guys a big THANKS for this one! I have a small shop, just my wife, myself and one employee. After downloading the title blocks, I made a couple of changes and tried this for the first time. It made a bigger difference than I anticipated. Not only did it make my drawing look like one from a "big shop", even though it took 3 tries, my customer finally checked the "Approved" box! I don't think I would have gotten 3 stabs at this without my "new awesome shoes". Thanks again! Very useful stuff...

Viscom says:

Hi Tony, we are glad it worked for you. Keep up the good work! Can't wait to see the changes you made.

Patricia says:

Good tip. Thanks!

Viscom says:

You're welcome.

David says:

I have been doing this for years. When I see proposals from other sign shops on my customer's desk, I have to giggle at the ones that are just a sign on a piece of paper with a business card stapled to it. When I see that, I usually know I'll get a call back. Sound advice. Thanks.

Viscom says:

Hi David, you can't go wrong with a good first impression, as you know.

Stuart says:

Thanks for the downloads! Using them as-is, except for my info of course. I like the drawing that you show in the new shoes article. Can you detail how you go about making those?

Viscom says:

Hi Stuart, glad you can make use of them. We are working on a post on how to spruce up your drawings and it will be up shortly. As a wholesale manufacturer, we really don't do drawings of signs as that is what we get from our customers. The drawing in the above post was just a quick example for the article. Stay tuned...

Tammy says:

Nice info! Downloaded yesterday, using today. Going to keep checking here for more great advise!

Viscom says:

Hi Tammy, glad to help. Do keep checking. A bit slow getting to these posts, but as time permits, we'll keep adding more stuff.

Brian says:

This is great advice! I did quite a bit of modifications to mine, will send you a copy. Let me know what you think. Your writing is pretty funny (in a good way).

Viscom says:

Thanks Brian. I would like to see your mods. Who says we can't have a little fun while we're at it.

SignsbyDesign says:

Your title block article made me laugh! Your shoe reference is pretty funny, but in a way its true. I tried to download but get a password box. What is the password? Thanks.

Viscom says:

Hi SignsbyDesign, thanks for that, I hope I didn't over do it. When you subscribe to VisComNews, we send you the password to the partner portal so you can download the free goodies, so don't forget to subscribe.


P.S. I just emailed you the password.

SignsbyDesign says:

Got it, thanks!

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